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DEBI Home is designed to strengthen women in every way. Women are greeted by a loving and caring staff member that will handle their immediate needs (i.e. food and shelter). We will then evaluate their circumstances and needs to determine whether temporary emergency housing is the best option.
We offer homeless services that provide temporary or transitional shelter with supportive services to homeless women and their children. Supportive programs include an array or essential or preventive services that are designed to lead to permanent housing and self-sufficiency.
The spiritual needs are met through daily prayer and devotionals.

How does DEBI Home secure funding?
DEBI Home receives financial support from generous donors in the community, special events, foundational grants and churches.

How long does a woman stay at DEBI Home?
Residents of DEBI Home can stay from one to three months. Those needing emergency shelter can stay for up to three weeks.
Sharing, Lifting,and motivating displaced women through spirtual principles
Developing, Enriching, & Bettering Individuals

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